Hello world from Letterfrack, Connemara! | Old Monastery Hostel
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Hello world from Letterfrack, Connemara!

10 Feb Hello world from Letterfrack, Connemara!

Well, our site is beginning to take shape. It’s a little too pink and too grey for the moment, but that will be fixed in a couple of days when we”ve had the painters in.

As we continue we’re planning on blogging a bit and in fact we have a bit of an idea here about a super secret special offer for guests who either post pics to our Facebook group or will actually write a guest blog post here for us telling others what they got up to.

Why you say?

It would be a natural way tell people what they can do in the area and how others experienced it. It’s far better than us trying to describe the area and its beauty as we think others will give you an honest view and you know we’re not trying to just get you here to sell you a bed or two 😉

Look forward to chatting some more!

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