walking in the sunshine or “the bogs of Shanaheever” | Old Monastery Hostel
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walking in the sunshine or “the bogs of Shanaheever”

04 Jan walking in the sunshine or “the bogs of Shanaheever”

3rd of January,

sunshine splitting the rocks, no excuse to work,

quickly preping a lunchbag and tea,

jumping into the car for a short drive out of the village towards Clifden

and there we are:


while we we walk along Lough Shanaheever and Louch Auna,

though the stunning scenery of  Connemara bogland,

Stephen surprises me  with a folksong about this valley

“The bogs of Shanaheever”

My youth is long past and I am mighty weary
For an exile I am cast on the wilds of the prairie
Hunting the wild deer the panther and the beaver
And I look back with pride on the bogs of Shanaheever.
Andy and Nora in their absence do get ready
By the light of the moon come tell me still if ready
Tell them to prepare and be mighty clever
It’s the last night of hunting on the bogs of Shanaheever.
Coursed was Toby aye and Victor was long-winded
Coursed every round the two-year-old was splendid
Near to you two-year-old hound he was knacky and clever
And the next I heard there was a death on the bogs of Shanaheever.
From the shores of Lough Annagh to the plains of Kilbrickan
‘Til the early morning light sure my poor heart it was stricken
We took Victor to his grave and we laid him down forever
Paid my passage to New York from the bogs of Shanaheever.
Oh in London for a year Brian he wrote about Susannah
And when young Willie wrote sure he raved about Diana
But if I had my way sure there’s none of them I’d favour
I’d give Victor his way on the bogs of Shahaneever.
Oh Ireland my land I am gone now and forever
Sure there’s no place in this world that I love with so much favour
If when she is free I’ll come back again and see her
And I’ll settle down forever on the bogs of Shanaheever.



At the end of the road we find a megalithic tomb, with its intact headstone

surrounded by ancient whitethorn trees, which are often indicators for old settlements.


we had our lunch on a huge rock in full sunshine

…and beleave me, you don’t get this at the sales!!!


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